Walking the Path of God

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To be with God is to follow Him,

Wherever the Lord goes, we must go.

To the furthest of waste, we need to follow,

If the Almighty travels through desolation, we must also.

Where the King stops, we need to stop,

When our Savior pushes on, we must press on as well.

We are called to go with Him even when things are gray,

We are commanded to follow even when the path looks fearful.

For we seek a goal that others don’t see,

Our destination isn’t easy for the godless to understand.

For taking God’s road can be dangerous,

To take the Almighty’s path is perilous indeed.

But I will not fear, for my God is with me,

Because He is by my side, worry doesn’t enter my heart.

Therefore I will follow Him wherever He goes,

The steps the Almighty takes, I will step into.

Poetry is a beautiful art form.  It the drawing of images with beautiful words.  Christian Poetry is even more wonderful because they describe the beauty on the Almighty God.  Check out these Poetry Books I recommend and be inspired.

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