Security in Christ

Passion & Purpose: Believing The Church Can Still Change The World by Jimmy Seibert, Max Lucado endorsement
I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.

John 10:9 (King James Version)

What is it that all people need in life?  If we are honest with ourselves, the thing that we need the most is security.  We live in a place that is full of uncertainty, with a future that has the potential to be dangerous.

Many of the things that we do are our attempts at protecting ourselves from the unknown.  Sometimes we build relationship with others, hoping that these connections will shield us from probable dangers.  Other times, we strive at building wealth and status for ourselves; hoping that it will save us from harm.

Unfortunately, things like these can only protect us for only but a while.  Eventually these defenses will fail the test of time.  That is because these things are comprised of elements from a finite earth, and all things of this world break down and fail over time.  What we need as a defense against the unknown is security that is not of this world.

For the follower of God, that security is found in the Lord Jesus Christ.  In John 10:9, Jesus describes Himself as a door, and that any person who enters by this door will be saved from harm.  What is it that we are entering into when we go through the door of Christ?

Jesus describes this place as a land of abundant pasture.  In this chapter from John, Christ described Himself as the Good Shepherd.  The role of the shepherd is to protect the flock and make sure it has adequate pasture in which to graze on.

The door that Jesus describes is a gate to a vast enclosure which serves as a barrier to the dangers that exist in the surrounding countryside.  As long as we are in the enclosure, we are safe, but we cannot stay there forever.  Eventually, the Good Shepherd will lead us out into the world in order to find pasture.  However, we will not fear as we did before, for the Shepherd is with us and will lead us to good pasture.

Where does your security lie?  Does it find hope in the things of this world or will it rest in the power of the Almighty?  Those who have hope in God are more secure in their future.  They recognize that He is good to His people and will lead them to places where there is great abundance.  Let us go through the door of Christ and find rest for out souls.

Christ is the source of true security in this world.  If you want to learn more about this, check out this books I recommend.

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