The Truth Of God’s Word

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I have heard the voice of the Lord,
My King has proclaimed His word to me.
He promises His blessings upon me,
His grace, He says, He will shower onto me.

I will trust in the promises of the Almighty,
In His covenants, I place my faith upon.
My King gives His word to provide for me,
He says He will shield me from harm.

My Savior never takes back His promises,
The Lord is not one to lie like people do.
He keeps His word to me despite what I do,
Even when I fall short, my God never does.

Join me in giving praise to the Lord,
To the King of Kings, let us give our thanks.
For He alone is worthy of all praise,
All thanksgiving, He alone deserves.
For whatever He says He will do,
All His promises the Lord will fulfill.

Becoming the Oil and the Wine


The word of the Lord is true so whatever He promise you must come to pass. Continue to praise and give Him thanks.

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