Taking the Plunge For God

Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation.

Isaiah 12:2 (King James Version)

I remember a time when I was learning how to swim for the first time.  One of the treats that my swim teacher would give out was a chance to jump off the diving board.  After we finished that day’s lesson, I was given the chance to go to the board.

I was very excited as I got out of the pool and briskly walked to the diving board.  My heart beat went faster as I climbed up the five step ladder and walked to the edge of the board.  It was when I was getting ready to jump I froze.

This was my first time on the diving board and I was not yet an expert swimmer.  I began to fear what would happen when I jumped.  How far underwater will I go down?  Would I be able to swim back up?  Can I hold my breath for that long?

All those thoughts ran repeatedly through my mind as I looked down at the foreboding water.  My fears disappeared however for when I looked down I saw my instructor in the water encouraging me to jump.  Seeing her there replaced my anxiety with the excitement that I had before.  So I held my breath and took the plunge.

Walking in God’s will is a lot like jumping off a diving board for the first time.  At first, we are excited because we have a new life in Christ the moment we accepted Him as our Savior; and we are eager to do what He tells us to do.  It is when we start walking in our faith that our enthusiasm begins to falter.

In this world, there are many things that can catch us off guard.  A loss of a loved one, an accident, and a surprise illness are just a few examples of things that could test our faith.  How can we stop ourselves from being anxious during these times of crises?

Let’s listen to the words of the prophet Isaiah in verse two of chapter twelve.  The prophet understood that he had nothing to fear because God would always be there and would save him from harm; even in the face of his roughest trial.  If we trust that the Lord will be there to rescue us if it is needed, then we have no reason to be afraid and we can push forward in our faith walk.

The Lord God is our swimming teacher in the pool of life below us.  He is encouraging us to jump off the diving board of faith, assuring us that He will be there to save us if we run into trouble.  Do you believe in words of the Lord, that He will be there?  If the answer is yes, then it is time to take a deep breath and take the plunge.

You want to learn more about how trust the Lord, check out these Books that I recommend.


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