Jesus’ Model of Service

Leaders Doing Manual Labor?

When was the last time you saw the leader of a nation do a menial job like pick up the garbage or wash the windows of a skyscraper? Most likely, the answer would be a resounding never. The reason the world gives as to why you won’t see such a thing is that because the one in charge is owed respect and needs to be served by all and therefore does not need to do such things.

Surprising Act of Service

In the Christian faith, this is not the case.  In the thirteenth chapter of John, Jesus, who is the Son of God, does something that no leader would be seen doing during that time period; washing the feet of His disciples. Such a task was reserved for non-Jewish slaves.   Even a Jew (slave or free) thought this kind of job was below them.

Yet Jesus performed this task, not with grumbling, but with a loving heart.  If you are a follower of Christ Jesus, that means that He is your Master and Lord. If you believe that this is true, then they must obey what He says. What is the command of our Lord and Master?  How do we honor Him who has already done so much for us (like dying for our sins for example)?

The Christ Model

In John 13:13-17, we receive the answer from the mouth of our Lord.  Christ explains that He has provided for us a model in how to live a God-honoring life: the demeaning task of washing feet. When our Lord did this, He showed us the kind of lifestyle we ought to live. One that is humble and sacrificial in providing services to others in need.

What does this look like?  When we serve, we seek to meet the needs of others, not requiring cost or conditions to be met from the one being served. When we perform these acts, it is not to pursue fame for ourselves; for such behavior is not pleasing to the Lord. Instead our hearts must be filled with unconditional love for the ones we serve; just as Christ loved us.

Jesus’ Service Saved Us

Who has ever heard of a great leader dying for a crime he had not committed and yet he did because he did not want the those who were guilty to take the fall?  I know such a man and His name is Jesus of Nazareth. He was the Son of the Almighty God and He had great authority.

Yet when He saw mankind condemned because of their sin, He decided to served humanity and took our place, receiving the punishment for our crime against God; even to the point of dying on a cross.  When He did this, we were given a pardon by God the Father and those who have accepted the the Lord’s pardon through Jesus’ sacrifice will be saved.  It is a wonderful thing to be given grace by God.

Time to Follow the Model

Although we are saved in Christ, that does not mean that we sit on our hands and do nothing. Since we are saved, we have a huge responsibility before us.   There are many who still have not heard; and we must share the testimony of Christ with them.  How do we convince them that Jesus loves them?  Show them the love of Jesus by meeting their needs, just as Christ did in His model to us all; without requirement, complaint, or cost.  Even if that means doing a job that is unpleasant, we do it gladly because Jesus would have.

You want to learn more about following the Model Christ left for us, click on this books that I recommend.

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