Caution: Road Block Ahead

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After the children of Israel left Egypt, they knew what their mission was: to possess the land of Canaan, the Promise Land. However, before they could claim their godly inheritance, the people had to go through the wilderness. While in this desolate place, Israel encountered a lot of challenges; most of them were found within themselves.
The wilderness was a road block for the children of Israel that compelled them to wait on God. They were eager to go fulfill their mission and they did not understand why there was such a delay. Didn’t God want them to possess the land or not?
That is a question that many believers in God also ask when they run into these spiritual road blocks set up by God. Little do we realize, these delays are essential before we can proceed. Eagerness to do something is not enough to prepare us for the unexpected challenges that we might encounter on our mission. These hardships may even discourage us from continuing on the journey.
That is the purpose for God’s road block. For Israel in the wilderness, the road block’s purpose was to build up the nation spiritually, so that they would be ready for the challenges that they will face in the conquest. This also applies to us as well.
We may think we are ready, but God says not yet. Everything that happens in life runs according to the Lord’s timetable and not our own. We must trust the Lord’s timing and allow Him to work in us patience and dependence upon His ways. Then and only then will the road block sign be put down and we can proceed.

Through the Stillness

imageMy normal twenty-minute trip of taking Oliver to school took me about 45 minutes this morning. Even my alternative route was closed.  So I had to go another way, then another, and another. I got home and made myself a cup of coffee before I took off again to go shopping…by myself. Any parent knows the joy it brings to shop alone. I cannot tell you the frustration I felt when I looked out my window and saw my road was blocked. Yep, I live on the corner of a court with no other way out. I felt trapped and completely ticked.

All I could think of was how the construction is messing with my life and plans.  

I took a few deep breaths and then sat in my favorite chair. My 72 pound lap dog jumped up on my lap and nestled in. Ranger’s drowsy eyes looked up…

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