Why Not Pray?

He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

Romans 8:32 (King James Version)

What really distresses me is how there are many believers in God who do not spend a lot of time with Him in prayer.  If we believe in the Almighty, why do you we not talk to Him?  Do we not realize that our Lord is a being who not only wants us to put our cares on Him, but also wants a relationship with us?

The key to a strong relationship is good communication.  The more we talk to somebody, the stronger the friendship will be.  This is especially true, if the conversion goes beyond the surface of day to day life and into the deepest corners of our hearts.  This principle also applies to our relationship with the Lord.  Unfortunately, for a majority of believers, the dialogue with the King of Kings is close to nothing.  Why is this the case?

The reason I believe that prevents us from having a healthy prayer life with the Lord is the pace of life that we set ourselves on.  We get so caught up with the busyness of life, who has the time to give the Almighty  undivided attention?  To those people who use this as an excuse to not pray, I have these questions: 1. Is the Lord God important to you?  2. Do you not realize what God has done for you?

In Romans 8:32, the Apostle Paul explains that when it came to us, the Lord spared no expense in order to redeem us from our sins.  He was even willing to give His only Son to take the punishment that was due to us because of our iniquity.  In other words, the Lord saved us from ourselves.

Let us think about it in another way.  Suppose someone saved you from certain death. Wouldn’t you want to establish a bond of friendship with your rescuer as a sign of gratitude for what they did for you?  That is exactly what God did for you; He rescued you from death.  With this in mind, He ought to be the most important person in your life!

Knowing the cost that God paid on our behalf, not because we earned it but because of His grace towards us, let us make the time to pray to our Lord and Savior.  Let us show our genuine thanks for all that He has done for us.  The more we stay in contact with the King of Kings, the stronger the bond that we will have with Him.

As our fellowship with the Lord becomes stronger, an amazing side effect occurs.  We begin to see how awesome He is and that anything that we ask for in His name, He will provide.  This provision, as Paul states, will not be given out under certain conditions, but will be given to us graciously  and in abundant portions.  However, the first step in getting anything from God is praying to Him.


One thought on “Why Not Pray?

  1. Amen! I’ve wondered about this too, Bruce, especially my own lack of forgetfulness. God keeps drawing me to the subject of prayer in my Bible research and writing, so maybe the prayer should be: “Dear God, help us want to pray, remember to pray, and pray!”

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