The Battle Is the Lord

The giants of this life I will not fear,
I will not be anxious when monsters come my way.
For my God will bring down these monsters,
These giants do not stand a chance before my Lord.


When hardships come my way, I won’t worry,
The pending storm will not cause me to despair.
My eyes will turn to the Lord and He will save me,
The Almighty will rescue me when I cry out to Him.


My Savior is bigger than any obstacle on this earth,
Nothing can resist the mighty force of the King of Kings.
So I will move forward in the face of adversity,
When the future looks bleak, I will press on with boldness.


For my God is with me in my walk of faith,
In this journey I am upon, my Lord has my back.
Let us set our eyes upon the King of Kings,
May our prayers be directed to the Lord of Lords.
For He alone is mighty to save,
Nothing can rescue us except the Almighty.

Becoming the Oil and the Wine


The Lord does not save with a sword and a spear. Therefore, you do not need to fear the Giants because the battle is the Lord.

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