How to Love God?


The Proof of Love

What is the proof that you actually love somebody?  Can you just say “I love you” to someone and that would be all the proof that you need?  Those people who have truly been in love knows that just saying it is not enough.  The same can also be true when we talk about loving God.

So how do we show that we love?  Our actions speak louder about our feelings for somebody then any words we say.  Proof for our love for God is also shown by our deeds.  Jesus explains this to us in John 14:23-24.

Jesus’ Love Message

In His final message to His disciples, Jesus explains that when we obey the commands of Christ, we show that we love Him.  A consequence of this obedience is God the Father and Christ coming into our hearts and dwelling with us.  What joy it must be to have the God of all the Universe, making His abode in you.  That is because when we obey the commands of Christ, we are obeying the Father, for the instructions originated from Him.

Obedience Equals Love

On the flip side things, Jesus warns that if we do not obey His commands, we show that we do not love Him nor do we truly love God.  Such people who claim to love the Lord in their own way, but do not obey, are only tricking themselves.  How terrible it will be for those people when they come to the gates of the Kingdom of God, only to be denied access, because they did not wish to love God in the true way.

Lip service to God has little value in the eyes of the Lord.  He knows the true intentions of our hearts and what we say most of the time does not match what is in our hearts.  Such people who refuse to obey are more in love with themselves then they are with God, for His commands compel us to put aside our sinful desires and pursue a godly life in Him.  Many people sadly, are not willing to sacrifice their selfishness for their greater good.

Beware of Routine

There is a danger that comes with following God’s commands.  It is very easy to make following His directions as like performing a routine ritual rather than an act of devotion. An example of this could be like going to church everyday just because you always do it as a tradition.  The commands of the Lord become just another chore to do in life.  We do acts out of love at first, but in time the act of love suddenly turns into an obligation that could be treated with contempt.

Remember Your Love

So what is the cure against routine worship?  We must change our point of view in regards to following God’s will.  To view it not an obligation, but as an act of Thanksgiving.  When we consider daily all the good things that the Lord has done for us through His Son Jesus, we begin to remember why we loved Christ in the first place.  When we consider all the wonderful things that Jesus has done for us (dying for our sins is no small matter), then it becomes much easier to do things for Him out of love.  Such devotion is pleasing  to the Lord.

Pray for Remembering Love

Let us pray earnestly to be watchful to not give lip service to the Lord, but give genuine devotion through obeying His Will.  We must work hard to obey not out of obligation, but out of appreciation for all that He has done in our lives.  Having a relationship with God takes a lot of hard work, but the benefits for such a relationship are totally worth it!

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