The gifts of failure.

The failures of this life are the reminders to us that we are not the masters of our destiny. That there are things in this life that our outside of our control. In many ways, this is a good thing.
For success can sometimes go to our heads, setting up the belief that we know all and there is nothing that can anyone can say that would convince us otherwise. In the Bible, God warns of the dangers of success, for it produces pride and a selfish love.
In Proverbs 16:18, we learn that pride and arrogance comes before a great fall. The Lord uses failure to humble us from our pride. He does this for our good, because He does not wish to see us make a fool of ourselves into believing that we can provide for ourselves, when in reality we cannot even change the color of our hair by just saying it to be so. He uses failure to reveal to us how much we need Him and when we do fail, He will show important life lessons that will guide us closer to being like Him.
Therefore, let us embrace failure when it comes our way. Let us seek God and understand what it is that the Almighty wishes us to learn from our stumbling. Let us grow strong in this understanding, not in our own abilities, but in the grace that we have in the Lord.

Thriving Under Pressure


Appreciating Failure.

Failure has been my greatest teacher. As it was only when I failed that I finally realized who I was and what I was destined to become.

  • The failing grade I received on my first exam in graduate school taught me to ask for support when I needed most.  No matter how shameful I felt or embarrassed I was.
  • The end of a long-term relationship taught me how to value my time alone and make tough decisions for myself. No matter how weak I felt or lonesome I was.
  • The lay off from a job I loved taught me how to let go, look forward, and trust in something so much bigger than myself. No matter how scared I was or irrelevant I felt.


Understanding Failure.

Learning from failure is the ultimate goal. That said, not everyone responds to failure in the same way, at the same time.

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