Worship Review: “Battles”


This song from The Afters called “Battles” reminds me that the life of a Disciple of Jesus Christ is not easy.  We live in a world that is completely hostile to what we believe, and will stop at nothing to keep us silent about our faith.  However this song reminds me that we should not fear, for our God is with us and He will fight the battles that we face.  All we have to do is move forward in our faith and we will see miracles.


Is there something in your life that you are afraid to do for the Lord?  Is it perhaps reaching out to a lost person who maybe hostile to the faith; maybe a mission trip you want to go on, but it is in a dangerous area; or perhaps you need to speak up at work in regards to unethical practices, but such a thing may result in you getting fired?  Regardless of the situation that you are afraid of, let this song remind you that you do not need to fear, for God will fight your battles and He never loses! Therefore, let us move forward,for the battle is already won.

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