Being God’s Steward

All that we have comes from the Lord,

From the Almighty we receive every blessing.

When we give to God, we give what is His,

All our offerings, already belong to the King of Kings.

What joy it is to be a steward of His possessions,

To be a caretaker of the Lord’s goods is an honor.

I will be wise with the things bestowed to me,

What God has charged me with, I will use with care.

The resources of the Lord, I will not waste,

Never will I squander the gifts of the Most High.

I will guard the Lord’s belongings with my being,

God’s treasures I will defend with my life.

Let us not take His gifts for granted,

Let’s be careful not to take lightly His charge.

For all belongs to the Lord,

Everything in the Universe is the Almighty’s.

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