Relax your mind. Soothe your soul.

When the days become dark and worrisome,
When evil shades every aspect of my life.
I will turn to the Lord my God,
To my Savior will I seek deliverance.
For in the King of Kings do I find rest,
In the Lord of Lords will I find peace of mind.
With this peace I have hope for the day,
The day does not look bleak when in His grace.
So daily I will find nourishment in the Almighty,
Everyday will my sustenance be in My Lord and Savior.
For in Him, I find true peace that soothes,
I discover pure rest in the presence of my God.

Thriving Under Pressure

 The most important thing in your life is your peace of mind.


 Nurture it daily. Everything else flows from there. 🍂

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