Worship Review: “The River”


The lyrics of the “The River” by Jordan Feliz explains the importance of baptism for the follower of Christ using very poetic imagery.  Now to make it clear, baptism does not save you from the punishment of sin.  It is when you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, believing that He died for your sin, and rose from the dead, that you become saved.  Baptism is a symbol of your faith in Jesus.  The immersion into the water represents the death of Christ and the death of sin in us as His blood washed away our transgression.  Our rising up from the water symbolizes the resurrection of Christ and the grace we have been given as we receive a new life in Christ.


If you say you are a follower of Christ and have not been baptized… what are you waiting for?  What is holding you back from baptism?  Are you ashamed to let people know you have faith in Jesus?  If not, let us go down to the river and proclaim our salvation in Christ to all people.  Being saved from sin is something worth celebrating.  Therefore let us proclaim our salvation to all the world; starting first with our baptism.

Like More of This?

If you like this song, check out these affiliate links to more songs by Jordan Feliz.  For every commission, I get a commission, which I give back to God, thanking Him for the opportunity to serve you all in this ministry:


The River

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