The Power of Confession

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

1 John 1:9 (King James Version)

The Apostle John tells us in the verse above that if we confess our sins, our heavenly Father will forgive us and wipe away the stain that is caused by sin.  What does it look like to truly confess our sins?  Is it just a matter of telling God that we sinned, or is it something more?

According to the dictionary, to confess is to admit or make known the transgressions that were committed against God.  Now if confession is as simple as this, why do many  do not confess their iniquities to God?  A lot of it, I believe, is because they do not believe in the power of confession.

As long as we live in these fleshly bodies, we are prone to commit transgressions against the Almighty who saved us.  When we do sin, many of us, myself included, come to the Lord in prayer; confessing our sins to Him.  When we do this, a peace from the Lord comes upon us because we know we are forgiven by Him.  However, after a couple of days, we fall  into the pit of sin that we just confessed to God about.

When these things happen, we ask ourselves how is it possible that we stumbled into the same trap again?  Despite this, we still confess to God our mistake, and again we are forgiven and receive the peace of the Almighty; only to have it taken away when we sin yet again.  After going through this a couple of times, it can be very easy to believe that confession has no power over our lives.

However, confession is more than just admitting wrongdoing.  It also requires from us a commitment to steer clear of the sins that we just confessed to.  When we admit our iniquity, we need to have a heart of anger toward our sin.  We need to hate our transgression with a passion for it is the source of our stolen joy that we get from the Lord.

When you confess your transgressions are you really sorry for doing them?  Are you sick and tired of doing the same sin over and over again?  If you honestly say no, then your confession is not a confession; it is only lip service.

The truth is, you still like doing your sin because you love them too much and you really don’t want to let it go.  If you think this way, I must remind you, as a brother in Christ, that sin, while it feels good for a time, is very dangerous.  It is like driving a sports car as high speed.  At first, it is very exhilarating, but the moment you see that wall coming toward you, it is too late to hit the brakes.  Sin, in the end, only produces death.

Now, if you are truly tired of doing the same sin over and over again, then you must be willing to change.  Confession frees us from the guilt of sin because with confession comes also God’s forgiveness and grace.  We need to remember daily that we are under the Almighty’s mercy, otherwise we may fall into sin once again.

Therefore, we must be proactive in our lives.  We need to be aware of the things around us that could cause us to sin and flee from them.  This won’t be an easy task because sin is everywhere in this world.  The good news is we are not alone in this fight.  The same God who has saved us from sin will also be with us in our struggle with sin.

Knowing all this, let us confess our sins to the Lord daily and He will forgive us daily.  Let us commit ourselves everyday to resisting the urges of sin and pursue the ways of righteousness.  Let us do this with confidence because our God would never allow us to fall back into sin once more.

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