Hope in the Face of Sorrow


Sad State of the World

We live in a world that embraces selfish ambition and even the good works that are done in it are based upon one’s self-interests most of the time.  The condition of this world ought to make those who follow Christ mourn and weep for its views are separate from the ways of the Lord.  Why does the world enjoy being apart from God?

Sin Blindness

The eyes of the people in this world have been blinded by the darkness of their own sins and are too proud to acknowledge the sorry condition that they are in.  What is the Christ follower to do in such a  deprived world? Do we bury our heads in the sand to the pain of the world and wait for the Lord to return?  Far from it!

Never Stop Proclaiming

Those who are in the faith must never cease in praying for this world.  The believer in God must never stop proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus and the good things that He has done for all those who believe in Him, for it is only in Christ can this world be saved from itself.  We must never stop warning this world of the judgement that is to come from the Lord to those who have rejected His gift of salvation.  To not do so is to go against the commission which Jesus gave to all of us who believe.

Dealing With Sorrow

Now this mission from the Lord will not be an easy.  Jesus tells us in John 16:20-22 that the world will reject everything that is of God. When we sorrow over the sinful state of the world, it will rejoice in its sorry condition and persecute us for our allegiance in the Lord and our attempts at saving them.

The believer of Jesus Christ is called to endure many sorrows as they fight to proclaim salvation to the world.  Jesus, in verse 21 of John 16, compares this to the pain that comes in childbirth.  Such pain is necessary in order to bring a child into the world.  Fortunately, the labor that a woman goes through (which is extremely painful) is only for a moment and is followed with the joy that comes from giving birth.  In the same way, the sorrows that the believer faces is for but a moment and is replaced with joy when he meets the returning Messiah.

Hope in His Return

Now we cannot bring anyone to salvation unless God called them to be.  Our only job is to let the gift of salvation be known to all who can hear.  Therefore, let us who follow Christ carry on with the mission which we have been given.  Let our motivation to serve be the hope of the returning Savior and we know that He will return because He said He will and there is no falsehood in Him.

Receiving Honor

When He returns, He will reward those who were faithful to the mission and will give them high honors.  With this mind, I don’t know what path you will take, but as for me, I choose to be on the side with Jesus Christ and do His work, with whom there is eternal life and joy.  Which side will you be on?  Will you endure the sorrow of the world and serve God, or will you bury your head in the sand?

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