The Answer is You

The Lord is the source of all hope in this world. He is the Light in the darkness that we all ought to seek. We need to seek Him because our sins have cast us into darkness.
In the darkness, we cannot see or know which way to go. There is nothing more terrifying than to be in a vast space, lost and in the dark. Fortunately, our God doesn’t wish for us to stay lost in the dark.
He has provided a light in the form of Jesus Christ. Unlike other lights that have come before (lights from other beliefs), the Light of Christ will never go out for it is fueled not be human understanding, but by the loving grace of God. Therefore, it is time for us to stop dwelling in the darkness and embrace the Light of Christ, for when we do, our lives will be filled with His light and it will never go out.


No hope in the darkness
All feelings are blue
Seeking the light
The answer is You

A hole in the heart
Desires askew
Need love of the perfect
The answer is You

Direction is lost
No not what to do
Discover the Word
The answer is You

Suffering soul
Just can’t get through
Healer of all
The answer is You

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