Worship Review: Help Me Find It


We live in a world that is full of despair and hopelessness.  With all this darkness, it could be really easy for even a follower of Jesus Christ to get bogged down in their faith and be consumed by the fear that is produced in the darkness.  In the song “Help Me Find It” by Sidewalk Prophets, we find the way to break through the fear and the darkness.

The solution to being free from fear is yielding it to God and allowing Him to take charge of our lives.  This is a difficult thing to do, because we become uneasy when we relinquish control over anything.  Nevertheless, we do not have the power to plow through the darkness by our own will; it is just too difficult to penetrate.  Only the purifying Light of the Almighty can break through the thick veil of darkness and reveal the path that we ought to take.


Are you unsure of the path you are called to take?  Do you feel afraid or unsure in your walk with the Lord?  Then it is time for you to come to the Lord and lay your fear and anxiety at the feet of the King of Kings.  Ask the Lord to take control and allow Him to lead you down the path He has made for you.  We can trust our Savior in leading us in the right direction because He has helped us many times before and He has never failed to provide for us and to keep us secure.

Like What You Hear?

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