Trusting God is Sweet

What a wonderful thing, to trust the Lord,

It is sweet, to have faith in God.

I believe in every word He says,

The voice of the Lord, I will indeed trust.

For no lie comes from my King’s lips,

Falsehood does not enter His mind.

In the promises of God, I am secure,

I am at peace because He is a keeper of His Word.

The Word of God, I will hold close,

In my heart, I will hide His commands.

For they guard me from every evil,

Against every sin, His Word protects me.

Let us cherish God’s Commands as treasure,

Like a priceless jewel, let’s hold on to His Ways.

For in them, we find eternal life,

Everlasting life is found in His Words.

For they direct us to the King of Kings,

To Jesus Christ do they guide us to.

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