What is Absolute Truth?


Worldly Truth

What is the belief that this world claims as the absolute truth?  I suspect that it is the belief that truth is in the eye of the beholder.  What that means is that truth is determined by what an individual believes to be true.

The problem that I see in this view is that everyone does not have the same definition of truth .  Some think truth is in Science, others believe it is in some kind of belief system, and others say there is no truth at all.  With so many ideas about truth, it is easy to be confused; because all of them can’t be right.

The Real Truth

The Truth that I believe in is that Jesus is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords; and this I and all who believe in Him, regard this as absolute Truth.  By this definition, I declare that Christ is Lord above all creation and He has the final say over all things.  For people to deny this Truth, is to be blinded by their own pride.

Expanding on the Truth

With this definition as the foundation, I wish to expand on who Jesus is, He is more than the King of Kings, He is also the King of Truth.  In John 18:37-38,  Jesus testifies to Pilate, the Roman governor that He was indeed a King; but more than that, He was also the giver of Truth which everyone desires to know.

In response to Jesus’ answer, Pilate asked Him, “What is truth?”  The reason for the question Pilate was asking, I believe, was to determine what kind of King Jesus was.  Was He just a King of the Jews or was He something more.

Authority of God

The Truth that Pilate sought, and refused to accept, was that there is only One who is in authority over all the earth and that is the Almighty God.  That was the reason why Jesus was rejected by mankind, because they would not accept (out of pride) that it was He that gave them the power to rule over the world.  To accept this Truth would mean that people would have to be accountable to the Lord in how they govern things and that would not be good if the ruler ruled selfishly.

Pride: Satan’s Weapon

Pride is the weapon that Satan uses to blind humanity from acknowledging the authority of God.  Due to this blinding, people turn to finding other things to have authority over them (Science, religion, atheism, etc.).  That is the foundation behind the definition of worldly truth: that we need something other than God to have authority over us.

Refusing God’s Authority

Deep down, as much as we do not want to admit it, we want someone or something to take care of us.  However, that desire also requires us to accept the  guidance of this authority in how to live. Sadly, sin prevents us from wanting the authority of the Almighty to tell us what to do.  As a result, people often walk blindly under their false authorities, making things up as they go and stumbling as they go.

God’s One Command

That is a life that is not fulfilling or productive!  To those who believe in God and live their lives according to His authority, they will hear the voice of Christ and accept Him as the King of Kings.  Unlike the authorities made by man, Christ asks only one thing from His people.

That one command is this: to accept Him as Lord over their lives and to let Him guide them in life.  It doesn’t get any clearer than that!  So let all His people, put away  pride and come to the King and He will be with us and we will be with Him; and we will have a life that is complete.

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