Worship Review: “He Knows”


When I listen to the words from “He Knows” by Jeremy Camp, I am reminded just how broken us human beings are.  We may try to put on a strong face and pretend that everything is okay, but deep down inside we are under a great deal of strain that is pulling us apart both physically and spiritually.  We all have a breaking point and sooner or later, the burdens of this life will overwhelm us and no mask we can use can hide the pain we are in.

This song also reminds me that even though we are overwhelmed, we are not alone.  The Lord Jesus is right there with us and when we reach out our hand to Him, He will grab hold of us and bring us back to our feet.  He knows the struggles we face and can understands where we are at.  He too, when He was on the earth, had to endure the same struggles that we faced.  He was able to overcome because His confidence was not in Himself, never once did He pretend that everything was okay.  Instead, His courage to endure was found in His relationship with God the Father.  It was in this connection with the Father, that Christ was able to overcome any challenge; even death on a cross.


What things in your life are putting strain on you?  I urge you, my brothers and sisters in Christ, do not pretend that everything is okay.  There is no shame in letting your weaknesses known; that only shows that you are human.  It is when we do so that we gain true strength that comes from the Lord.  Listen to the words of this song and know, with surety, that Jesus knows our pain and will be there to help us through.

Like What You Hear?

If you were encouraged by this song, check out these other albums by Jeremy Camp.  May the Lord bless you and may He give you strength to overcome all evil.  May you, in His strength, do acts of faith that will bring glory to the King of Kings.


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