A Cry to God in the Darkness

When things look dire and bleak,

At the moments when darkness seems all around.

Seek the Lord to save you from despair,

From the jaws of death, cry out to God.

The Almighty will hear and strengthen you,

Comfort He will provide as He answers you.

Do not think that God will not save,

Don’t dare to consider that He won’t deliver you.

For the Lord will keep you from all harm,

Against all evil, He is able to aid you.

Let us seek God when we are in pain,

When this world torments us, let’s cry to Him.

For when we are down, He will lift us up,

The Almighty will carry us when we can’t go on.

So I will give thanks to God for His salvation,

For my deliverance, I will praise the Almighty.

The hand of the King isn’t too short to save,

There are no limits to God’s saving power.

So I will cry out to the Lord for help,

For His provision, I will pray to my God.


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