Remember God’s Blessings

I rejoice when I remember your past blessings,

When I consider your mercies from the past, I am glad.

With this, I look forward to what’s to come,

Your future gifts my God, I gladly anticipate.

For future blessings outshine the past,

The old mercies are overshadowed by the new.

So I will cast my cares before the Lord,

At the Almighty’s feet, I lay down my fears.

The sadness in my heart, I  give to my King,

Upon my Prince, I cast all my sorrow.

For He alone can turn worry into hope,

My sorrow, He only can turn into joy.

So I will seek and love my Lord with all that I am,

With all my soul, I will pursue and adore my God.

For even the hard times He turns to blessings,

New mercies He creates out of times of pain.

You have done this before and I will praise my God,

My Savior will do it again and I will give thanks.

One thought on “Remember God’s Blessings

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