Sticky Note From God 11.26.16

Common knowledge will not reveal your Way,
Your will is not found through human understanding.
For the Way of the Lord is beyond human logic,
Worldly wisdom does not understand the Almighty.
So how can I discover the will of the Holy King,
How can one know the way of The Mighty God?
It all begins with believing in the Lord,
Faith in the Almighty opens the door to Him.
To understand that He is God begins my journey,
My first step is to recognize that He is Lord of all.
To trust that He has a plan for me opens my eyes,
My sight is clear when I believe that He has a calling for me.
So I will trust in the Lord with all my heart and soul,
With all my strength and devotion I will have faith in God.

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann


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