Into the Unknown With God

The path I go is full of uncertainties,

The unknown is on the trail I must go.

It is a road that has never been traveled,

No experience can prepare me for what is there.

Yet I will not fear to go on this path,

On this trail, I will not take pause.

With confidence, I go to the undiscovered country,

I will march on to the unknown land with boldness.

For I am not alone on this journey,

On this trek, I have a good friend with me.

My companion is One who is faithful and true,

Loyal and devoted is the One who goes with me.

The Lord is the One who walks with me,

On the path I go, my King is by my side.

With the Almighty, I will go into the darkness,

Into the shadows of the future, I’ll travel with my God.

For with Him, I find my way to light,

I discover my destination with my God.

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