Advent Day 1- Hope in Light

The world was cold and sorrowful,

Despair and a chill consumed the earth.

For the Lord was silent for many years,

It was many centuries since the Almighty spoke.

Yet the people clung to a coming hope,

A promise that God would return to His own.

This promise was made through the King’s many prophets,

The Lord’s messengers heralded His coming to His people.

Then He will establish His Kingdom on earth,

This world will finally be His Dominion.

It was this hope that the people clung onto,

The promises of the Lord kept them warm in the cold.

Now a small twinkle can be seen in the dark,

In the cold void, a warm light has appeared.

Let God’s people rejoice for He is coming,

The Light heralds His return, give praise to the King.

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