Advent Day 2-The Still Voice

The small twinkle in the darkness is slowly growing,

The chill in the void is starting to thaw.

Then a whisper is heard in the abyss,

The wall of silence is broken by a small voice.

What does this quiet sound proclaim,

What message does the whisper bring?

It heralds the coming of the promise,

Hope it announces to the world.

A message proclaimed by God’s Saints long ago,

The King’s Heralds foretold it in the past.

The coming of the One who will save us all,

The Savior who will set us free is on His way.

He will free us from our bondage,

Our chains, the Messiah will break apart.

All those who hold this hope rejoice,

May we who remember the promise give thanks.

For His Light is growing brighter,

His whisper begins to warm the air.

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