Seeing is Not Believing


The Value of Our Eyes

Your eyes are the best tools that God has ever given you.  Without them you would not be able to see the dangers that could be around you.  Also you would be unable to experience some of the lovely things which the Lord has created and give Him glory for them.  However that does not mean that your eyes are perfect.

Our Eyes’ Limits

There are limits to what our eyes can do for us.  For instance, they can only see what is around them, which are only physical surroundings.  As a result, our eyes can cause us to misinterpret a situation as something bad; even though it may not be.  For example, if you were to lose your job or lose a loved one, your eyes would interpret that as an “all is lost” or “there is nothing left” situation.  However, what our eyes fail to see is the hand of God at work in even the most negative of situations.  Every situation, both good and bad (according to us), is a part of God’s plan.  Therefore, we should not rely on our eyes for all truth.

The Disciples’ Faulty Eyes

Even Jesus’ disciples failed to see who He really was when He was with them.  Their eyes did not see Him as a spiritual Savior.  They only saw Him as a king that would rid them of Roman rule.

What a great shock it must have been for them when they saw their king die on the cross.  I am sure that their eyes were telling them that “all was lost” when they saw their hope for the future die with Jesus.  It was only after Jesus was raised from the dead, an act of the supernatural, did they finally believe (with their eyes).

Faith Comes From Conviction

Faith does not come from just seeing, as Jesus explained to His disciples in John 20:29-31, because our eyes can trick us.  True belief comes through discernment and conviction which comes from our hearts.  When we read of the miracles of Jesus, mentioned within this Gospel, we are convicted in our hearts to believe that they actually happened.  That is because we too have faced serious crises like those mentioned in the Gospel, and we cried out to Him, He responded.  Therefore we become convinced in our hearts that He is who He is and we accept Him as our Savior.

Another example that we can use is the wind.  We do not see the wind, yet we know that there is wind when we see its effects (hurricane and tornado damage for example).  At the same time, you, in this present age, have not seen Jesus, yet you believe in Him because you have seen how He has changed your life for the better.  Therefore, we should judge the things that happen around us not according to our eyes, but by our faith in God.

God’s Big Picture

There is no such thing as an act of chance.  Everything that happens to you and me has a purpose for good in the big picture which the Lord has made before the beginning of time.  Therefore let us not look at our problems using our eyes.  Instead let us look at them with our faith and see how these things work for God plan and how He intends to use them for our good.




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