Advent Day 4- Joyful Chorus

As the Light radiates in the void, the whisper grows,

The once still voice becomes louder as the Divine Beams shines more.

This voice of Hope turns into a steady chorus,

An angelic choir has formed from the whisper of Promise.

It sings praises to the One who was coming,

The advent of the Promised King was announced in their song.

This worship makes the chill of the void flee away,

Its declarations usurp the reign of the cold in the world.

The words of the song color the shadows with brilliance,

Its melody prepares the world for the greatest story ever told.

Let those who cling to God’s promises give thanks,

May joy be found in the lips of those who love the Lord.

For His Light shows us His Promised One,

The Hope of the World is found in His glow.

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