Advent Day 6- Divine Herald

The curtain rises upon God’s greatest story,

The poetic drama of the Lord is about to begin.

In the center of our stage shines the first player,

Glowing like a star stands the herald of the tale.

Who can describe the beauty of the one that is before us,

What words can can be used to picture his appearance?

For he is one of the King’s faithful messengers,

An angel of God introduces His Master’s Tale.

What kind of being is this angel who starts the scene,

Who shall we call this messenger of God?

He introduces himself as the angel Gabriel,

An archangel of high renown is he.

The Light that is upon him lifts him off the ground,

His wings extend as he rises from the floor.

Where does the angel plan to go,

What is Gabriel’s destination?

A twinkle of light is shown to the left of him,

A beacon appears to show the angel the way.

With a flash, Gabriel travels the lighted path,

The angel leads us to the next chapter.

Let hope rise as we travel with the messenger,

May our joy overflow as we follow his path.

For God’s promises are coming true,

The power of the Lord is being made known.

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