Advent Day 7-Devout Family

The Light now shines downward,

Upon a man and woman does the beam fall upon.

The couple has seen many years gone by,

Their hearts have grown old over the years.

Yet their hearts are still full of devotion to the Lord,

Their love for the Almighty makes their bodies shine.

Who are these new characters in God’s story,

In the greatest story ever told, what part do they play?

They are descendants to a priestly tribe,

Zechariah and Elizabeth are their names.

They have been blessed by God for their devotion,

For their service to Him, they have received honor.

Yet their is one thing that is missing in their lives,

One blessing that the Almighty has held back.

No child has been given to them,

There is no next generation for them.

Little do they know, that the power of God will come to them,

The Lord will surprise them with a miracle.

Let us watch keenly at how the scene will play out,

May we observe closely the power of the Lord.

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