Advent Day 8- Prelude to Hope

In a flash, the scene changes,

We are taken to a different setting in an instant.

Now the Light shines within a house of worship,

We are shown the holiest of places.

Here a devout man gives prayers to God,

Petitions to the Lord does Zachariah offer up.

Then an angel appears to the priest,

Before Zachariah, Gabriel shows himself.

The old man covers himself in fear,

In reverent awe, Zachariah hides himself,

But Gabriel offers peace to him,

Blessed assurance does the angel give to the man.

He informs to Zachariah the coming of a miracle,

The arrival of a son to him does Gabriel announce.

He explains that this child will make the way for the Hope,

The angel reveals that John will open the door for the Promise.

Yet despite this promise, Zachariah has doubts,

The devout man is unsure of the miracle to come.

He sees the condition of time against such a thing,

Old age he assumes is a hindrance to the miracle.

Even unbelief will not stop the power of God,

The Lord’s miracles are not prevented by man’s doubts.

Had it been so, we would have nothing from God,

No gift would have been received if it was so.

Let us give thanks to the Almighty,

May we give praise to the King of Kings.

For His grace has given us Hope,

A Promise He has given through His mercy.

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