Advent Day 9-Blessed Virgin

The Light of the Lord moves on from this scene,

His heavenly Spotlight leads us to a new character.

It shines down upon young girl in a room,

A virgin maiden is illuminated by God’s Light.

Who is this girl that we see in this scene,

What role does this maiden play in this heavenly drama?

Her name is Mary and she plays the greatest role of all,

She is the one who will bring Hope into all the world.

The angel appears to the maiden and greets her,

Mary is spoken to by  Gabriel.

She is in awe at the sight of the heavenly messenger,

But the divine herald assures her fears.

He proclaims to the virgin that she will have a child,

A promise of a Son does Gabriel declare to her.

He declares that He will bring Hope into the world,

At His birth, the Promise of God will be fulfilled.

The maiden believes, but is confused,

She takes the message as truth, but she is perplexed.

Mary is not married, how can this be,

How can a virgin bring a child into the world?

There are no limits to the power of the Lord,

Nothing of nature will prevent the King’s work.

For He the Lord of the impossible,

Everything is possible for the Almighty.

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