Advent Day 10- Virgin’s Faith

The angel has now departed the virgin,

Mary is left alone with her thoughts.

Yet even with the Light gone, she still glows,

The maiden’s faith shines brightly in the dark room.

The damsel remains on her knees in meditation,

There is much to consider as she kneels.

Then she begins to pray to the Lord,

Words of worship, Mary sings to the King.

The virgin thanks the Lord for the blessing He has given,

For the honor He has placed on her, Mary gives praise.

For she knows that she is not worthy of such an honor,

She is aware that she does not deserve such a duty.

Yet this is how the Lord does things,

The Almighty works in such ways.

He takes what others call useless and makes it precious,

He makes a treasure out of the world’s refuse.

Let us sing with this young damsel and thank the Lord,

May we join the Mother of the Promise in her worship.

For the King offers grace to all His people,

His mercy to His creation knows no bounds.

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