Advent Day 11- Hope Starts

Time flies in an instant in our tale,

Light travels quickly in our heavenly drama.

For the Holy Spotlight appears over the devout couple,

Our attention is again on Elizabeth and Zachariah.

The angel’s message has been fulfilled,

What Gabriel has said has come to pass.

Elizabeth has been blessed with a son in her old age,

A miracle has occurred for this ancient devout woman.

As for Zachariah, he holds his peace,

Not by choice does the old man keep silent.

For his doubt of the miracle, Zachariah has been made mute,

Until the child was born was he kept quiet.

Family have come to name the child,

The father’s name, the relatives wanted to name the boy.

Yet the mother declared that this must not be,

John is to be his name, Elizabeth explains.

Zachariah is given the final say on the matter,

The father is given a writing pad to say his thoughts.

With a pen he declares the boy is John,

With a loud voice, the penitent Zachariah says John’s name.

With a humble heart does Zachariah give praise to the Lord,

Thanks is offered to the Almighty out of his repentant spirit.

For the old man sees that nothing is impossible for God,

Nothing can restrain the King of His miracles.

This child will prepare the way for Hope,

He will till the soil of the heart for the seeds of Promise.

With water, he will make the people ready,

He will prepare humanity with repentant baptism.

Let us give thanks to the Lord for His goodness,

For such wonders, may we offer our praise.

For these are just a sample of what’s to come,

The final miracle is on its way.

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