Advent Day 12-Crisis in Faith

Our story moves at the speed of Light,

In a flash our scene has changed once more.

A new character is about to be introduced,

Let us see who this new character is.

He paces to and fro in his house,

Furrows of worry crease his brow.

For his world, which was bright and glorious,

Has now become gray and gloomy.

What has consumed this man with worry,

What has made him so anxious?

He has learned that his betrothal is with child,

His fiance has been discovered pregnant.

Even worse, she denies that she knew another man,

She claims that she was still a virgin.

That her conception was a miracle of the Lord,

It was the power of God that brought this child.

Who can believe such a story, he thought,

Such tales are just impossible.

He knows that she will be killed for her sin,

The law has stated that such an action deserves death.

Who is this man who has this problem,

Who does this dilemma belong to?

He is a man who is righteous indeed,

His name is Joseph, and he is engaged to Mary.

Joseph does not want to see Mary die,

Despite the situation, he still loves her.

Yet what can he do to resolve this problem,

This dilemma is too much for Joseph.

Little does he know, but God has a plan for him,

The Almighty has a crucial part for Joseph to play.

All he needs is a little encouragement to his faith,

His trust in the Almighty needs assurance.

May we give thanks for the Lord and His patience,

For His long enduring of us, may we praise Him.

For He will never quit on us despite our fears,

Even though we are hard-headed, He stays with us.

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