Diamond In The Making

Make me my Lord in my trials,
In my challenges my God, mold me.
For in these things you make me perfect,
Into Your image you mold me by them.
Let me not cry over my pain,
In my suffering, may I not complain.
For in these challenges, I am made strong,
Power in God is found in the face of trials.
Let me stay strong in my tests,
In my hardships, I will persevere.
For great is the victory for enduring,
To persevere brings great reward.

Sarah Maat

“A diamond doesn’t start out polished and shining. It once was nothing special, but with enough pressure and time, becomes spectacular.” -Unknown

Your destiny is not that 9-5 job, the size of your house, the make of your car, how many followers you have online, how much money you make, the name you have for yourself, it’s not about you, it’s all about HIM.

Your destiny comes from serving rather than seeking to be served. Yourdestiny is that thing that brings GLORY TO GOD. It’s that thing that has the capability to change lives.

Don’t ever think your life is limited to that place you are in now. There is a plan and purpose for your life. No matter what your current circumstances look like at this present moment, know that God is using that difficult situation to prepare the way for the place that was created just for…

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