Advent Day 13- Dream of Hope

The righteous man decides to think about his choice,

To sleep on it does Joseph do in regard to his problem.

Does he put away his fiance in secret,

Will he divorce himself from his Mary.

Yet as he sleeps, a light shines upon him,

Joseph is enveloped by the Light of God.

Then a voice speaks in his dreams,

His sleep is stirred by the angel Gabriel.

He assures Joseph of his fears concerning Mary,

The angel confirms that she was telling the truth.

That the child in her was from the Almighty,

It was the Lord that made the impossible possible.

Gabriel instructs the just man,

Carefully does the angel give Joseph his task.

What a great honor that he has been given,

To be the “father” of the Child of Hope is nothing small.

The herald reveals what this Child’s mission will be,

The Son’s destiny, does Gabriel reveal to Joseph.

What Hope will this Child bring,

What Promises will He fulfill?

He will come to break the bonds of sin,

Those in darkness will see Light in Him.

In Him, all the people will be given life,

Through Jesus, will all be made whole.

As Joseph sleeps, his body glows,

His faith radiates within him as he dreams.

To hear these words is too wonderful to bear,

Too glorious it is, to see a glimpse into the Lord’s plan.

How great is the Lord our God,

The Almighty is truly powerful indeed.

For when we are lost, He shows the way,

When we are in darkness, He gives us Light.


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