Advent Day 14-Walk in Faith

Night turns to Day in an instant,

The Light reveals a brand new scene.

A congregation has gathered around a couple,

In the midst of this fellowship stands a married pair.

Joy is on their faces as they hold each others’ hand,

Their hearts are merry as they look into each others’ eyes.

Yet despite the happy occasion, there is murmuring,

Hushed whispers can be heard throughout the crowd.

Who is this couple that is gossiped about,

Who is this married pair that has brought forth scorn?

They are the future parents of the One to come,

They are Joseph and Mary, a faithful pair indeed.

The gossip they hear they ignore,

Mary and Joseph do not care what the people thought.

For they understood the plan of God,

The path the Lord has placed them on, they will go.

It is faith that drives them to endure hardship,

Ridicule is overcame though trusting in the Almighty.

Let all who see, follow their example,

May we too walk in faith as Joseph and Mary did.


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