Advent Day 15-King of Gloom

The Light leads us to a new place,

A newly discovered world we are directed to.

From a land of brightness to a place of gray,

We come to a scene that is full of shadow and gloom.

Center stage comes a mighty building,

A glorious palace has become our focus.

Inside there sits a man in robes,

Upon a golden throne there sits a powerful king.

Yet their is no brightness in his countenance,

Shadows and darkness overshadow his demeanor.

Who is this king of shadows that we see,

Why does the Light show such a gloomy character?

In the world, he is called Caesar,

The emperor of a great empire he is.

He has just made a decree to count the people,

Caesar makes a law to see how many are in his land.

The order demands for people to return home,

To their place of origin, all are commanded to go.

For some, this is a short distance,

For others, it is a long perilous journey.

Even so, this is a part of the great story,

Even this is in the Divine Script.

For even a king must obey the King’s wishes,

Caesar himself must follow the Lord of Lords.

The unexpected always comes, but we must not lose heart,

We must never despair when surprises happen.

For all is in God’s hands and we must trust in Him.

May our faith be in Him who knows the way.


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