Advent Day 16- The Faith Road

The road is long and hard,

Their destination is far and difficult.

Yet they must go on,

Despite all hardship, they press on.

On the dirt road is a man and woman,

A married couple travels upon this hard path.

He walks while she rides upon a donkey,

With care, the husband guides his pregnant wife.

Who is this couple that travels such a dusty road,

Why must they travel so far away?

They are the parents of the Hope that was coming soon,

It is Mary and Joseph that travel this hard trail.

It is because of the emperor’s command they must go,

Caesar orders that they return to their birthplace.

For Joseph, that place was a town called Bethlehem,

The town of King David is Joseph’s ancestral home.

It is a great distance to get to Bethlehem,

To get home will take many days.

Yet they will persevere and move forward,

To the David’s city, they will push on.

For Joseph trusts the Lord to care for them along the way,

Mary is secure knowing the Almighty has them in His hands.

Let us learn from their example and hold fast on our journey,

May we who hear this, gain the faith to push on as they did.

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