Advent Day 17- No Room

After many days, the couple have arrived,

Joseph and Mary have come to Bethlehem.

Just in time too, for the time has come,

The time for Hope to be born is upon them.

So the husband searches for a place to stay,

Frantically, Joseph looks for a room for Mary.

But every door is closed to them,

Every knock receives no answer.

There is no room in the town tonight,

Vacancy does not exist in Bethlehem.

What can Joseph do in such a crisis,

Where can Mary go to bring Hope?

Yet, we must not despair for them in this crisis,

Even when it looks bleak, we need not be anxious.

For the Lord who has led them here will provide,

God alone will give a room where this is none.

For the Almighty provides all things,

He takes the impossible and make it possible.

Let us give praise to the Lord for He is good,

May we glorify God for His generosity.

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