Advent Day 18- Magi’s Quest

The deserts sands are cold and desolate,

Void and forbidding are the sandy wastes.

Yet here the Light shines on the sands,

Upon three men does the Beam shine.

From far away have these men traveled,

Far to the East have they journeyed.

Riding on three camels as they go,

With purpose do these beasts travel.

Wearing ornate robes, these men press on,

Carrying precious gifts, the three move forward.

Who are these three men who travel the wastes,

What is the mission of these royal travelers?

They are men of great renown,

Wise men are these men known.

They travel West to behold the Promise,

Their quest is to search the Hope that’s to come.

For in the skies they have seen the sign,

The signal of His coming they saw in the heavens.

Now they travel bearing gifts to Him,

They seek to worship the King of Promise.

May all who see come as they did,

Let them come to the summons as the Magi had.

For in the King of Kings, there is hope,

There is new life in the Lord of Lords.

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