Advent Day 19- Shepherds

The air grows colder as night draws near,

As the sun sets, the chill becomes greater.

Even so, there are people out in the cold,

There are those who must brave the chill.

The Holy Light shines brightly on these people,

These brave souls are the focus in this scene.

To keep warm, they gather around a fire,

They stay close to each other to fight the cold.

Around them are strange sounds,

The voices of animals envelop these people.

Who are these fellows that are in this scene,

Why do they stay out in the chill of night?

These souls are of a humble sort,

Lowly shepherds these people be.

They brave the cold to guard their flocks,

The sheep around them is the cause of their night watch.

Yet even these humble men have a part to play,

A role in this drama do these shepherds have.

For the Lord uses even the smallest of souls for His plan,

The lowest in the world is precious in His sight.

Let this encourage you who doubt your use,

If you think you are worthless, may this assure you,

The Lord still can use you to His glory,

You can take part in His awesome mission.

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