Advent Day 20- Star of Hope

Into the darkest of night they traveled,

The three wise men continue through the silent night.

They continue their search for the Promised One,

The King of Hope do the Magi still seek.

They searched in the Holy City with no success,

No fruit was reaped when they harvested Jerusalem.

The city says to look elsewhere,

To Bethlehem are the arrows pointed.

But the way seems too vast and wide,

Easy is was to be lost in the wilderness.

How will the wise men find their way,

Who will lead the Magi to Bethlehem?

 A bright star appears in the night sky,

A shiny orbs illuminates the void of night.

It has come to guide them to Hope,

To the Promise, will it direct them.

Let us follow the star in the silent night,

In the holy night, may we seek out the beacon.

For it leads to the Hope of the Lord,

The Promises of God will it reveal.

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