Advent Day 21-Angelic Host

The stars glitter in the night sky,

The curtain of night sparkles with shiny gems.

One can get lost in this dazzling display of light,

This field of stars can produce awe in the soul.

For the men of the field, this is their rest,

For their toil, this is the shepherd’s reward.

Yet as they look on, an amazing thing happens,

An awesome sight comes from the field of stars.

One star grows brighter in the night curtain,

In the night sky one light stands out.

The bright orb seems to come closer,

The shiny jewel is falling from night’s shroud!

Its light shines upon the men of the field,

The shepherds are awakened by this Divine radiance.

For in this brilliance stands the Divine Messenger,

The angel Gabriel appears once more to proclaim God’s message.

He tells the men of great news from the Lord,

The birth of Hope, Gabriel announces to them.

He points them to the direction of the Promise,

To the King of Kings does the angel direct them.

The sky is now blanketed with light,

Holy radiance consumes the void of night.

A multitude of messengers stand with Gabriel,

Behind the archangel, a host of angels stand together.

They proclaim the glory of the Lord,

Worship they give to God Almighty.

They announce peace for all mankind,

That grace was now offered to all people.

In a flash it is all gone,

The curtain of night is restored once more.

What shall the men of the field do with this good news,

With this Gospel, how will the shepherds act?

Let us go with them to the see the Hope,

May we go with the shepherds to witness the Promise.

Let us sing praise as we travel,

May our steps be filled with sounds of worship.

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