Advent Day 22- Shepherd Song

What a glorious night this is,

Indeed, our hearts are full of wonder.

For the Lord has revealed His Hope to us,

The Almighty has shown us His Promise.

In the small bed we saw the Light of the Lord,

The Radiance of God was in that bed of straw.

His gaze upon us gave us joy in our hearts,

Our souls rejoiced when he smiled upon us.

Yet who are we to receive such an honor,

What have we done to earn such a gift?

For we are only mere men of the fields,

Lowly shepherds we are in the world.

How amazing it is to know the secret of the Almighty first,

To know the good news of God is too wonderful to contain.

What shall we do with this marvelous Gospel,

What do us shepherds do, now that we have seen Hope?

Let us go and proclaim to all who will hear,

To those who will listen, we will share the good news.

Let all who hear bring glory to God,

May all praise the Almighty for Promises.

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