Advent Day 23- Hope is Born

The chill bites through the night air,

The silent night is deafening to those who listen.

Yet it is now the turning point of the great story,

The climax of the Divine Drama has begun.

The Holy Light shines on the most unlikely of places,

Upon a shallow cave does the Beam illuminate.

For in this place where animals come to rest,

In the abode of livestock, Hope has been born!

With gentleness does His mother wrap Him tight,

Mary, with great care, covers her Son in cloth.

Upon a bed of hay do they lay the infant,

Into a manger do Joseph and Mary place Him.

As He lays down, Light shines all around Him,

The chill of the air flees away from His radiance.

His gaze makes Joseph’s heart sing,

Mary’s soul is lifted up when He smiles.

Quietly do visitors come in,

Treading softly do the shepherds come.

They testify of their summons,

And with humility, seek an audience.

One by one they approach the regal manger,

Kneeling before the throne of hay, they worship Him.

The gaze of His eyes turns their sorrows to joy,

Fear melts away when He smiles.

What a heavenly child He is,

He is indeed the King of Kings.

In Him, God is with us,

The Lord dwells with His people in Him.

In Him all Hope is restored,

The Promise of God is fulfilled in Him.

Let us worship the King for His gracious gift,

Give glory to the Lord, all you who love Him.

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