Advent Day 24- Magi’s Gifts

After a long journey they have arrived,

The goal of their quest has been found.

Faithfully, they followed the Star,

The Beacon of Hope guided them to Him.

The men of renown have come to the humble gate,

Before the mouth of the cave, the wise men wait for an audience.

With bowed heads they approached the lowly throne,

Their eyes down as they come to the royal manger.

In unison, the three kings bow before the King,

The Magi, in one accord, worship their Lord.

They thank God for the chance to see this day,

With joy, they praise the Almighty for His Holy King.

One by one, they each bring forth their present,

Humbly, they each present their best gifts.

But what gift can man give to the King of Kings,

What does the Lord of Lords lack that we can give to Him?

The first presents a present that shows a royal’s wealth,

A gift of gold does he give to the divine King.

Yet even he knows that this treasure is below His Lord,

For who can give a present equal to the Almighty’s gift?

The second approaches with his present of heavenly incense,

Lovely frankincense does he offer to the holy King.

Yet even he knows his gift is below the Lord of Lords,

For who can offer a treasure worthy to the Messiah’s gift?

The final man comes forward with his treasure of costly ointment,

Expensive myrrh, he gives to the royal King.

Yet even he knows this prize is below the Prince of Peace,

For who can offer an item more costly than the Christ’s gift?

In one accord, the Magi bow once more,

In humility, the wise men give their devotion.

Their hearts are full of joy at the sight,

Beholding the King lifts up their souls.

They go their way knowing the Promise has come,

Now that Hope has arrived, they go home with expectation.

For they know great things will come from this Child,

The Son, they know, will bring peace to all the earth.

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