Advent Day 25- Hope in Christ

Our drama has come to an end,

This is the conclusion of the tale.

Yet it is not the end of the Hope,

Nor is it the conclusion of the Promise.

The Light from the Child glows throughout the world,

Darkness has fled from His stunning radiance.

The chill of the void has lost its grip,

A blanket of warmth fills the whole earth.

The whispers have risen to a melodious chorus,

The praises to the Lord will no longer be silent.

For they know that this is only the beginning,

The final Promise has yet to be revealed.

As the infant lays sleeping in his humble bed,

In the regal manger, the babe sleeps peacefully.

What does the child dream as He lays down,

On this silent night, what dreams go through this baby?

He might dream of the love that He has for the Father,

About our God, He might think of and smile.

His dreams might be filled with people He will Love,

For lost people He will guide, He might think of and grin.

His thoughts might be of the endgame,

He might dream of how He will fulfill Hope.

Thoughts of that dark hill may fill His little mind,

The dark tree waiting for Him may darken His dreams.

The child whimpers in His sleep,

His cries can be heard from His bed.

But His fears are calmed by the slightest touch,

Mary and Joseph hold Him close to calm Him.

As He calms, He hears the words of His Father,

The voice of God He hears and He is at peace.

Gently do they lay Him back down,

With loving care, they place Him on His bed.

Let us remember this story and rejoice,

May we never forget the tale of Hope and give thanks.

For He is the reason why we celebrate this day,

It is for Christ, that we love Christmas.

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